Frequently Asked Questions

Like any business, we hear similar questions from our customers, and they are all excellent. If you have your own questions, this might be the spot for answers. If you don’t see the information you are looking for, please get in touch because chances are, someone else is curious about the same thing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you replace watch batteries?

We do not. We do, however, sell Kronaby Smartwatches, for which we do have batteries. These watches have a classic watch exterior with much of the technology we have all grown to rely on from our phones.

We recommend visiting “On Time” in the Maine Mall for regular watch batteries.

Do you repair jewelry?

Repairs are one of our specialties! Below is a list of common repairs we handle, and please feel free to read more about the repair process here.

· Ring sizing

· Retipping/repronging (rebuilding worn out prongs)

· Diamond & Gemstone Replacement

· Chain repair & Clasp Replacement

· Rhodium plating (treatment on white gold for white and shiny look)

jewelry repairs



Do you do appraisals?

We do handle appraisals. To learn more about this easy process, please read this article.

Is it more affordable if I provide all the gems for my project?

It would potentially be more affordable to provide your own gems than to buy new ones and factor in metal, design time, and creation of your new piece of jewelry. Depending on the condition of your gems, this is a possibility for saving money. However, we might find that your gems are damaged or might be difficult to incorporate in the design of your dreams. In this case, we can source options within your budget.

Lyric ring sketch with cushion Tanzanite and Trilliant Tsavorite pair - 1

What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

As one of the most precious metals, platinum alloys are 90%-95% pure. Platinum is also so dense that a six-inch cube would weigh about 165 pounds. White gold is a mixture of pure 24k gold with whitening metals such as nickel or palladium (plus other metals for strength). Because gold in its natural state is yellow, white gold may appear slightly yellow. Platinum is the ideal choice for diamond settings because of its white color, great strength and durability. To improve hardness, platinum is usually alloyed with iridium or ruthenium. Creating jewelry in platinum takes longer than in gold. And, because of its purity, density and longer fabrication time, platinum can be considerably more expensive than white gold.

From our Blog Post: Top Four Facts About Platinum

100-673 Platinum and Diamond Luna Ring

How do they size up/down a ring? Do they need to cut it?

There are a few scenarios for resizing a ring:

· Plain gold wedding bands do not always need to be cut. We can, in some cases, size these up or down with a special tool. We will recommend the best option for the longevity of the ring.

· Sizing up – your ring is too small and you need it to be larger. We will need to cut your ring in order to add the necessary amount of metal. We will confirm your correct ring size and insert this section seamlessly.

· Sizing down – your ring is too large, and it falls off, spins or is uncomfortable. Again, we will need to cut and file the ring in order to fit it down to the proper size. To note: depending on how much the size comes down, and the design of the ring, challenges might arise with the shape of the ring and how the gems sit.

· Eternity Band sizing – these rings, with gems all the way around, can sometimes be sized. We’ll work with you on the options to maintain the design and integrity of the ring when sizing is possible.

From our Blog Post: Jewelry Repair Information

ring sizer


What makes diamonds of the same size costs vary?

You may have heard of the “Four C’s” (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight)? If not, these are essentially the determining factors of the cost of your diamond. While some diamonds might look alike to the naked eye, their “inner workings” might make one much more valuable than the other. Take a peek at our article about this very topic to understand a bit more.

Do sapphires come in different colors than blue?

They sure do! In fact, we love, and work with, sapphires in many hues of the rainbow all of the time. Great examples of these sapphires lie within our Galaxy Collection.

galaxy ring

How much does it cost to have a ring custom designed and made?

As one might imagine, there are many variables that go into creating a custom jewelry design. It is important to understand these factors to explain why there is no exact cost for these projects. We suggest you read a bit more about the different levels of custom jewelry design to get an idea of where your idea might fit.

Custom Art Deco Ring

What is the difference between karat & carat?

Karat is the unit of measurement for gold while carat is the unit of measurement for gems.

 What do these stamps mean – Euro gold stamps: 585, 750? And how do they translate to gold?  

These stamps that you sometimes see on the inside of your jewelry are the equivalent of 14K (585) and 18K (750) in our karat measurements. Essentially 585 means 58.5% gold and 750 is 75% gold while the rest is alloys to make the metal durable and/or change its color (rose gold).

gold stamp
Are appointments required?

Appointments are not required. However, our store is small with unpredictable traffic. Depending on your goal, we might encourage you to do so. For instance, engagement ring shopping takes a little getting to know you (and your partner) and is a ton of fun. More time is a great thing in this situation! Also, starting to create a custom piece of jewelry will require some exploration and research. In order to make sure we can give you all of the attention you deserve, an appointment can’t hurt and is easy enough to schedule.

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