Our Team

This team makes Brown Goldsmiths what it is. 

Each member of our team brings with them a special talent and a passion for exquisite jewelry. We are committed to our customers and find joy when our pieces become a part of their lives.

Shannon Hartigan
General Manager/Owner

For 25+ years, I’ve loved being part of this team. Though I was new to the industry, it didn’t take long for me to understand how unique this place is. I followed in the footsteps of Judy and Steve Brown, went to GIA for gemology training and worked to become Brown Goldsmith’s general manager. I wasn’t afraid to take the leap into owning this company because the team and our tradition of Maine craftsmanship are both so incredible.
Favorite Piece: Freeform Band

Steve Brown
Steve Brown
Certified Gemologist Appraiser

I’ve gotten to do what I love and build a life out of it. When I discovered science while watching Mr. Wizard, way back when, I was hooked. I’ve had my hands in so many different levels of the business – from metallurgy and gold refining to designing and making special pieces, really cool tools and diamond mines and the wonders of computers. Needless to say, I have never been bored and it has all been a great blessing.
Favorite Piece: Embrace Ring

Diane LeBlanc
Registered Jeweler/Production Manager

I have worked at Brown’s for 31 years managing various aspects of the business, but my favorite part of the job is that I get to look at all of the beautiful gems that come to my desk. Of all of the amazing jewelry we have created in the upstairs workshop, I treasure the Diamond Luna Ring.

Favorite Piece: Diamond Luna Ring

Deane Frank
Head Jeweler

I estimate in my 32+ years at Brown Goldsmiths, I have made over 11,000 pieces of jewelry ranging from custom designs for families to Signature Collection pieces displayed in our showroom.

Favorite Piece: Madagascar Blue Sapphire Ring

Sharon Giroux
Sales/Design - Applied Jewelry Professional

I love being one of the first persons to know about a design project that a person has planned to celebrate a milestone in ones life. For 25 years I have been a part of that, the surprise and tears of joy.
Favorite Piece: Hammered Link Collection

Susan Hughes
Sales Associate

In 28 years, I would say the best part of my job has been working with a customer who has never been in the store on a custom project and is thrilled when it’s done!

Favorite Piece: Crown Knot Bracelet

Scott Paradis
Sales Associate

I have never worked in the jewelry industry before, and it is far more complex than I ever could have imagined. The entire process is fascinating from the formation of the gems in the Earth through all of the steps required to make it into a piece of fine jewelry ready to send home with someone.
Favorite Piece: Jubilee Ring

Julie Flower
Marketing Manager

I love to help spread the word about the treasure that is Brown Goldsmiths. Hearing, reading and sharing the touching stories & experiences of customers who come through the door and choose jewelry as a means to capture special moments is my favorite part of the job.
Favorite Piece: Curvy Hoops

Julia Ballaron

Knowing that jewelry I’ve designed has a permanent place in peoples lives and carries so much meaning for each person makes my job immensely rewarding. I love our Blue Zircon Concerto Ring.

Favorite Piece: Zircon Concerto Ring

Michael Kivlin

Working upstairs in the workshop, I usually don’t have a lot of interaction with our customers so I enjoy hearing when a customer is thrilled with the work that I have done for them. I am partial to Tanzanite and antique cushion cuts which makes the Tanzanite Concerto Ring one of my favorites.
Favorite Piece: Tanzanite Concerto Ring

Alisa Coffin
Operations Facilitator

Although hired as a bookkeeper, I am getting to know all different aspects of the store and the industry. Sometimes working with vendors, sometimes with customers on the sales floor, it is always exciting! The Mobius and its meaning is my favorite Brown Goldsmiths design.

Favorite Piece: Mobius Collection