Our Mission

Our Mission

Brown Goldsmiths’ mission is to create and offer enduring symbols that reflect and celebrate the energies of Harmony, Beauty, Love and Spirit to customers around the world.

In our products, services, and interactions we seek to honor quality, integrity, creativity and teamwork.

We are dedicated to the interests of our stakeholders – customers, staff, shareholders, vendors, community, and the larger world –in all our decisions.

Our continued success and profitability stem from commitment to these principles.

Brown Goldsmiths’ Affiliations:
Because we are concerned about quality, transparency and ethics, we’re especially proud to be members of the following organizations for jewelers:

  • Jewelers Vigilance Committee
    The Jewelers Vigilance Committee was formed in 1917 to provide education and self-regulation to the Jewelry Industry. Members operate under the highest standards of business practice after pledging to comply with all laws applicable to the jewelry industry and make accurate representations about the products they sell. The JVC offers mediation and arbitration services to both consumers and members of the trade.  
  • The American Gem Society
    As the country’s preeminent jewelry trade organization, the American Gem Society is dedicated to consumer protection and committed to betterment of the jewelry trade. Founded in 1934, its purpose is creating industry standards that protect the jewelry-buying public, as well as setting educational and ethics requirement for the fine jewelry industry as a whole.
    To sustain our AGS certification we dedicate ourselves to ongoing gemological and jewelry-related education. The Society requires of member firms and titleholders an annual recertification exam. Its purpose is to verify knowledge and keep members abreast of best practices in business, ethics, security, and marketing – as well as trends in jewelry.
  • The American Gem Trade Association
    Why is membership in AGTA important? As the world’s authority in color, the AGTA and its members lead the industry in educational resources, ethical practices, and the finest colored gemstones and cultured pearls. AGTA members share a mine-to-market mentality—the belief that the gem trade should be transparent and ethical in its business practices, as well as the sourcing of gemstones.

Our Sustainability Practices:

Use of Recycled Materials (Gold): Opting for recycled gold over newly mined gold reduces the demand for additional mining, which can have significant environmental and social impacts. Choosing recycled materials promotes resource conservation and minimizes the environmental footprint associated with extraction and processing.

Support for Environmental Organizations: By supporting organizations dedicated to protecting the environment and wildlife, the company contributes to broader sustainability efforts beyond its own operations. This demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Energy Efficiency (LED Light Bulbs): Converting to LED light bulbs reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This step towards energy efficiency helps mitigate climate change and demonstrates a commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Paper Reduction: Transitioning to paperless operations, such as issuing insurance documents electronically, reduces paper usage and helps conserve forests and natural resources. This practice aligns with efforts to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Ethical Business Practices: Doing business only with companies committed to fair and ethical practices ensures that the company’s supply chain upholds social responsibility standards. This commitment supports fair labor practices, human rights, and ethical sourcing, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable global economy.

Waste Recycling: Recycling waste demonstrates a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and promoting circularity within the production process. This practice helps reduce waste sent to landfills and conserves resources by reusing materials.