Platinum Diamond Studs


Diamond stud earrings are simple, classic and timeless.

One of the most popular earring styles. The simplicity of the Diamond stud makes it a great choice with a ball cap and blue jeans or a ball gown.

Don’t forget…Brown Goldsmiths is happy to trade Diamond studs that we sold toward an upgrade that is at least double the trade value.

In-cart price includes tax when applicable.



Platinum compliments diamonds beautifully. We adore the combination. The gray white color appears to make the sparkle of the diamonds more impactful. It is a rare and durable metal that requires less care over time. Platinum is thought to be a symbol of strength, purity and true love.

A customer once told us “My diamond studs make me feel taller, thinner and more beautiful” and another told us “My diamond studs make me feel like I have super powers.” Simply said, they make us feel special. Who doesn’t like that?

Platinum is pure, durable, heavy, hypoallergenic and distinguished from all other precious metals. Did you know that as one of the most precious metals, platinum alloys are 90%-95% pure. Platinum is also so dense that a six-inch cube would weigh about 165 pounds. Its a good thing we don’t need much for a pair of earrings.

All 3 prong Platinum Diamond Studs:

  • .50 carat weight – $1399 – 3.9mm
  • .75 carat weight – $2699 – 4.7mm
  • 1.0 carat weight – $4499 – 5.2mm
  • 1.5 carat weight – $7999 – 5.6mm
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