Diamond Studs – White Gold


Diamond stud earrings are simple, classic, timeless and one of the most popular earring styles.



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Diamond studs add a subtle note of beauty, and an alluring touch of sophistication to anyone wearing them. These classic three-prong martini style earrings are no exception. If you are looking for a more interesting pair, we have a variety of shapes, prices, and sizes or pair with an earring jacket.

Always perfect, with blue jeans and a ball cap or a ball gown. Real is Rare!

We are thrilled that our diamond stud portfolio has grown. In our showroom currently…

platinum diamond stud earrings

Sizes shown above are listed left to right, 1.5cttw, 1cttw, .75cttw and .50cttw

All 3 prong in 14k White Gold:

  • .10 carat total weight – $179
  • .20 carat total weight – $375
  • .30 carat total weight – $550
  • .40 carat total weight – $699
  • .50 carat total weight – $999
  • .60 carat total weight – $1375
  • .75 carat total weight – $1750
  • .90 carat total weight – $2399
  • 1 carat total weight – $3600
  • 1 1/4 carat total weight – $4199
  • 1 1/2 carat total weight – $5799
  • 2 carat total weight – $10599
  • 3.0 carat total weight – $15,295

Sizes are approximate and actual weight might vary slightly. Example 1ct total weight could actually be .99cttw – 1.04cttw

We also have a fantastic selection of Diamond studs in Platinum too.

Earring Jackets from OM

Have some fun and dress your studs in an earring jacket. Mix and match with colored gemstone studs, pearls or Diamonds. These Diamond earring jackets elevate the simplicity of your stud earrings to a whole new level. 

A customer once told us “My diamond studs make me feel taller, thinner and more beautiful,” and another said “My diamond studs make me feel like I have super powers”. Simply said, the April Birthstone makes us feel special. Who doesn’t like that?


Birthstones and Anniversaries: On almost all modern birthstone lists, diamond is recognized today as the birthstone for April. Diamond is also the gem that marks the 10th and 60th wedding anniversaries.

The perfect gift for the tenth or sixtieth anniversary.
Platinum is pure, durable, heavy, hypoallergenic and distinguished from all other precious metals. Did you know that as one of the most precious metals, platinum alloys are 90%-95% pure. Platinum is also so dense that a six-inch cube would weigh about 165 pounds.
Pay us a visit in our showroom located in the heart of the Freeport Outlets to see our variety of Diamond Stud Earrings or continue shopping earrings.


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