Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring


Contemporary, stunning and unique. This purple sapphire and diamond engagement ring is an excellent selection for your loved one who is looking for an alternative to a diamond ring.

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Purple sapphire engagement rings are not something you see every day. However, after seeing this ring, you will wish you did.

A platinum band inset with diamonds builds to this 2.21 carat “step cut” purple sapphire. Step cut refers to the rectangular facets that ascend the crown of the gem in steps. The purple is reminiscent of a cornflower, which can represent hope, devotion and love.

Diamond engagement rings aren’t for everyone, and we are seeing that more and more these days. Jewelry should be a reflection of its wearer and if your loved one is looking for a unique and contemporary engagement ring, this purple sapphire engagement ring is a beautiful solution. Read more about choosing Alternative Engagement Rings before diving in. There are helpful facts you should know.

Sapphires are also the birthstone of September and the gem for the 5th and 45th Anniversaries. The hardness of sapphires measures second only to diamonds, making it a fantastic and lasting ring and gift choice.


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