Pearl Necklaces – Cultured Akoya Pearl Strands


Renowned for their incomparable luster and lovely rose, silver and cream tones, these specimens are what many consider the archetypical pearl. Assael’s Akoya Cultured Pearl strands are key to any well-dressed woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

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Brown Goldsmiths offers a variety of pearl sizes and lengths. Luminous, silvery Akoya Pearl necklaces in a variety of strand lengths are perfect for starting or building upon your fine Pearl collection.

Pearl size ranges from 6.5mm to 9.5mm with standard lengths from 16″ to 100″ or more. If we don’t have just the right size and length we will work with you to find just the right strand. Call, email or stop in and one of our associates will be glad to help.

Lengths available by request and shown here:pearl strand lengths

Choker 14-16″

Princess 16″

Matinee 22-24″

Opera 32″

Rope 36″ and up to 100″

Did you know that the pearl is the only gemstone grown inside a living organism? This fact alone makes pearls extremely unique and valuable. A pearl is formed within an oyster or mollusk when a foreign substance invades the shell of the mollusk, entering the soft mantel tissue. In response to the irritation, the oyster secretes epithelial cells which form into a “pearl sac”; this pearl sac then secretes a crystalline substance called nacre, the same substance which makes up the interior of the oyster’s shell, what we know as “Mother of Pearl.” The nacre continues to build up in layers around the irritant, ultimately forming a pearl.

A timeless treasure, when given in love with a pure heart, a pearl always symbolizes purity, fertility, and the cycles of life.

Gifting Tip: Pearl is the birthstone for June and the gem of the 3rd and 30th anniversaries. Pearls are often gifted to a bride on her wedding day as the color white conveys innocence and purity, which in turn is associated with weddings. As white gems, pearls remain popular gifts for brides and some believe pearls can keep newlywed brides from crying.

Gemstone Fact: While other gems form as minerals underground, pearls have organic origins. They form within various species of freshwater and saltwater mollusks. Simply put, pearls are gems but not stones.

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