Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace


The golden south sea pearl is among the most valuable, and largest, pearls today. This luminously colored strand measures 17″ and has an 18K gold and diamond clasp.

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Golden South Sea Pearls are naturally colored and come from the waters around Australia and Indonesia. They are quite rare and produced by the “gold lip” oyster.

They come in a range of color from a lighter, almost silver, to a 24k gold and they can be cultured to be as large as 14mm in diameter.

Our Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace measures 17 inches, with pearls 11-14mm in diameter. It has a 18k yellow gold and diamond clasp. It is a specimen of beauty and rarity.

Gifting Tip: Pearl is the birthstone for June and the gem of the 3rd and 30th anniversaries. It is also a popular choice for milestone birthdays and graduations due to its timeless appeal.

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