Meet Jewels the Mouse

The History of Jewels: A Cherished Element of a Hand-Carved Legacy

Original Brown Goldsmiths Sign

In the early 1980s, the skilled hands of D. J. Holmes, a distinguished wood carver, sculptor, and all around Renaissance man, brought life to our establishment’s identity through a remarkable hand-carved sign conveying old world craft. This masterpiece, meticulously carved and adorned with gold leaf, bore the mark of Mr. Holmes’s artistic prowess. Yet, hidden within this intricately carved creation was a whimsical touch that would soon become a beloved signature of his work – a charming little mouse.

As the original sign Mr. Holmes’ created gracefully weathered with the passage of time, it eventually reached a point where repair was no longer a viable option. In the pursuit of a new sign for our store, we sought out a skilled carver who could capture the essence of the original while breathing new life into it. However, amidst this transition, there was one non-negotiable element, the mouse.


The mouse has become more than just a detail in the carved wood; it had evolved into a thread connecting the past to the present. The search for a new carver was a quest to preserve and honor the creation and artistry of Mr. Holmes’s original.

Over the years, hunting for the mouse on our sign became a cherished tradition, uniting patrons and staff alike in a playful exploration of our sign’s hidden gem. The excitement surrounding this scavenger hunt took on a life of its own, and soon, we found ourselves organizing events and activities dedicated to the delightful rodent. You can even find it on our website at certain times of year. The mouse had become more than just a mouse. It was a source of joy and a whimsical element that added an extra layer of magic to our sign and store.

Today, we proudly consider the mouse as more than just a signature or a hidden detail. It has transformed into a mascot that we lovingly named Jewels!

Meet Jewels the Mouse