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How much is a one carat diamond ring?

Since you’re looking for answers to this important question, it’s possible that you’re thinking about getting engaged – or about to celebrate another important milestone? To give you precise answers to this common question, it comes down to your priorities. You also might be looking to buy a place of your own. One wonders, “How much does a 3 bedroom house go for?” Naturally, that depends: how many bathrooms? Quartz countertops? How about location? There are parallels in determining value for both significant investments – diamonds and home.

With diamonds, a white (near colorless) color grade with amazing of sparkle will cost more, due to its rarity. Conversely, a gem with more inner markings and/or less sparkly cut will cost less. It’s less rare. Many people prefer a diamond with a slight blush of warmer color. Given comparable size and clarity, that diamond, sparkling like warmth of early morning sunshine, would command a lesser price than one with an icier color. Naturally that’s true provided such a diamond is beautifully crafted for maximum sparkle.

We’d be honored to help you compare diamonds with a variety of characteristics. We advise seeing, and deciding for yourself, how cut, color, clarity and size (carat weight) interplay to affect different investment levels. It’s important to identify and trust your own priorities for such an important investment. Facilitating your own discovery process is our priority and expertise. Contact us, or pay us a visit. We can help you create your own diamond story – and discover answers for yourself.