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the jubilee - diamond engagement ring from The Brown Goldsmiths Signature Ring Collection

The Jubilee ring represents an exquisite choice for engagements or anniversaries. Its design dates back to 2017, specifically created to celebrate the momentous occasion of our 50th anniversary and golden jubilee, rendering it as both a beautiful piece and a symbol of historical significance. Only two designs in the collection showcase the coveted “secret golden sapphire,” a rare and precious gemstone that imparts an unmatched touch of luxury to this exceptional ring.

At the heart of the ring lies a stunning diamond, delicately placed within a platinum 6-prong cathedral setting. The diamond’s radiance is further accentuated by the intricate petal-like detail nestled between the six prongs, while the band sparkles delightfully with pave-set diamonds. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures a timeless and elegant design that will endure through the years.

The Jubilee offers versatility as well, with options for an all-platinum setting, 14k gold, 18k gold, or a combination of these materials. This allows you to create a truly personalized piece tailored to commemorate your cherished milestone.

Jubilee in Platinum with a diamond cushion halo

Jubilee Cushion Halo

Jubilee in platinum with a cushion shape diamond & halo.

Cushion shaped diamond Jubilee with halo in Platinum

Jubilee side details

Our Jubilee features elegant petal like details under the center diamond.

Jubilee Ring with Oval diamond center and diamond band from Brown Goldsmiths Signature Ring Collection

Oval Jubilee

Our Jubilee ring can be modified for almost any shape. Here is an example of an oval center diamond.

Jubilee Rose Gold and Diamond

Rose Gold Jubilee

This Jubilee is also available as a classic solitaire. Here is an example made with rose gold.

120698 Sapphire Jubilee Ring

The Halo Jubilee

This Jubilee ring features a cushion-shaped blue sapphire in all Platinum with a diamond halo.

The Jubilee Additions

Custom Jubilee

This Jubilee features a double-row diamond band and an emerald cut center. Imagine the possibilities.

Jubilee diamond pendant in platinum

Jubilee diamond pendant

The Jubilee diamond pendant, an elevated design for a diamond pendant.

Jubilee diamond stud Earring

The Jubilee diamond earrings

To complete this family of designs, we created the Jubilee earrings.

Jubilee Variations

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With a rich history of over fifty years, Brown Goldsmiths stands as a leading jewelry designer in Maine. Our legacy is beautifully showcased through The Signature Collection, a true reflection of our artisans’ exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is a masterpiece exclusive to our downtown Freeport jewelry store.