The Mudra Ring

Mudra Ring from The Brown Goldsmiths Signature Ring Collection

Introducing the Mudra Ring, a masterpiece that intertwines profound symbolism with exquisite craftsmanship.

Designed in 2012 to showcase an incredibly beautiful and rare blue Sapphire, lovingly acquired by Steve Brown during his travels in Thailand. This alluring creation takes its name from the ancient art of Mudra—a symbolic hand gesture representing a connection between the physical and spiritual realms.  Intricate sinuous lines gracefully emerge and form an intriguing setting, securely cradling and safeguarding the precious gems. Elaborately simple, it captures the essence of grace and elegance and is a testament to the artistry that unfolds within our studio.

 From our hands to yours, it becomes a cherished possession—an heirloom to be treasured by generations to come. Available in platinum, gold, or two-tone set with gem combinations from our collection or from your family’s legacy.

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