The Lotus Ring

Platinum Lotus Ring with a Diamond

The Lotus flower holds deep symbolism for people across the world, representing purity, resilience, and strength. Drawing inspiration from this timeless symbol, we created the Lotus Ring as a testament to these enduring qualities.

Originally conceived in the early 1990s, the Lotus Ring was born as a solitaire engagement ring option. Crafted with active individuals in mind, this ring is built to withstand the rigors of daily wear with a protective partial bezel setting cradling a stunning round diamond or gemstone. With its sleek simplicity and a touch of elegance, this ring reveals a delicate overlapping pattern reminiscent of a blooming lotus flower when viewed from the side.

Its popularity grew immensely, leading us to offer various size options to accommodate a wide range of exquisite gems and diamonds. Choose this design for an active lifestyle and a lifetime of enjoyment.

BG Signature Collection

Lotus and Remember Rings

Shown here in platinum with diamonds as a wedding set. The Lotus can be made in gold or platinum.