The Galaxy Rings

fancy color sapphire round galaxy ring from the Brown Goldsmiths Signature Ring Collection

There are times when some of the pieces we’ve created appeal to us in new ways, which can inspire a new collection. The Galaxy Collection began that way. After creating several pendants with this design concept, we realized it was a fun and effective way to use an assortment of gems, thus the birth of the Galaxy Ring in the summer of 2015. Each one is a bit different, and some tell a story.

The Galaxy Ring is handmade in our upstairs studio. We carefully hand-select the most beautiful natural sapphires, along with the perfect accent diamonds, and each ring will have a unique size and color arrangement. Our designers can help you create the ideal arrangement to fill your Galaxy. Choose Diamonds, Rubies, and/or Sapphires in 14 or 18k gold.

BG Signature Collection

The Galaxy Ring - Square top

The Galaxy Ring with Blue Sapphires and Diamonds in 18k yellow gold. The square top is our petite Galaxy Ring.

The Galaxy Ring - Oval top

Another option for a Galaxy Ring is our oval top, shown in 14k gold. The east-to-west orientation is the newest addition to the collection.

The Galaxy Ring - Side View

Each Galaxy Ring is made with this same side profile. Designed to sit comfortably and low on the finger.