Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring


An engagement ring to captivate with a 2 carat yellow diamond. It replaces a traditional colorless diamond and is set in 18K white gold. Round brilliant diamonds ascend the band and surround this square radiant cut stunner.


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A ring that will satisfy a love of traditional with a nod to remarkable.

18K white gold

2.00ctY VVS2  Yellow Diamond

1.11W G-H Diamonds

The total weight is 6.46g


MORE ABOUT YELLOW DIAMONDS: Courtesy of the Natural Color Diamond Association

Yellow diamonds exist from a pale champagne yellow to the extreme of daffodil and sunshine. They account for the largest variety and selection of all the naturally occurring diamonds. They can also be found blending with modifying shades of brown, orange, and green.

Found in most diamond mines around the world, the biggest sources are South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Russia.

They are caused by the element nitrogen that is captured in the carbon diamond structure during its development in the earth.

The greater the amount of nitrogen in the right patterns, the stronger the saturation and the appearance of the color.



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