Pink Tourmaline Pendant with Diamonds


Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of colors. However, only pink tourmaline is the September Birthstone as found in this 14K Pink Tourmaline Pendant.

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14K yellow gold pink tourmaline pendant with diamonds. The pink tourmaline comes to 0.24ctw and round cut, with w the diamonds coming to 0.11ctw.

Tourmaline’s colors have many different causes. It’s generally agreed that traces of iron, and possibly titanium, induce green and blue colors. Manganese produces reds and pinks, and possibly yellows. Some pink and yellow tourmalines might owe their hues to color centers caused by radiation, which can be natural or laboratory-induced.

Birthstones and Anniversaries: Pink Tourmaline is a birthstone for October, along with opal. Tourmaline is also the gem of the eighth anniversary.

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