Oval Diamond Solitaire


A classic solitaire in yellow gold with a nearly 1.5ct Oval brilliant cut diamond.

14K yellow gold with white gold prongs

Oval Diamond 1.40ct

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Oval Diamonds have recently seen a surge in popularity, maybe due to the fact that the long slender look on the finger gives the diamond a larger appearance.

The cut, and it’s light return, has improved over the years. The modern Oval shape diamond has earned the Brilliant cut status offering the wearer sparkle much like a round brilliant but in the elongated shape.  Oval diamonds have a greater size appearance vs a round brilliant of the same carat size making it a great choice for someone who likes the look of a larger gem. See more on diamond cuts.

This 1.40ct Oval Diamond is set as a elegant solitaire with a narrow yellow gold band and white gold prongs.

This ring is beautiful from every angle, the diamond comes with a GIA diamond grading report and a laser inscription for identification, because real is rare.

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