Helheim Glacier Pendant


Simply one of a kind. This 23.39ct Quartz is reminiscent of a giant glacier, set in 14K yellow gold and accented with Chrome Diopside and Tourmaline.


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The quartz of the Helheim Glacier Pendant resembles beautiful glacier ice. It is wrapped in 14k yellow gold and adorned on both the top and bottom with Chrome Diopside and Chrome Tourmaline. Like a glacier, the quartz holds the character of crystal clear spring water frozen in time. The quartz gem is 23.39 carats and simply stunning to see.

Chromium produces the rich color in Chrome Diopside and Chrome Tourmaline. It is the same element that gives emerald its intense green color.

This one of a kind piece is so named for the actual Helheim Glacier found to our North in Greenland. Look closely into the Quartz of the Helheim Glacier Pendant. It appears very similar to the carved face of a glacier.

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