Galaxy Dangle Earrings


These earrings are an elegant combination of gold and silver. Created in Silver with a subtle amount of 14K yellow gold accents and all reclaimed metal.

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Galaxy Earrings in reclaimed Silver and 14K yellow gold. Hand-forged in the USA.

In 2006, Toby Pomeroy sparked a revolution in the jewelry industry by creating a line of jewelry made of reclaimed metals. It all began while Toby was fly fishing for steelhead in a favorite Oregon coastal river and had a thought: Why not ask my refiner to purify previously used scrap gold and silver separately from newly mined metals, then create jewelry from these reclaimed metals, giving my clients ethically sourced gold and silver?

The Galaxy dangle earrings are a fine example of recycled metal and old-world craftsmanship that make Toby Pomeroy so unique. They have embraced beliefs that we here at Brown Goldsmiths truly feel to be important, and because of this, we are very proud to offer not simply the Galaxy dangle earrings but much, much more.

We feel passionate about recycled metals in jewelry and offer many designs with this in mind. View more or continue shopping our earrings.

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