Full Moon Earrings


19mm EcoSilver in Matte Black, Set with diamonds and dangling from gold earring wires.

Sustainable Jewelry

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Full Moon Earrings by Toby Pomeroy

Matte black EcoSilver is hand-hammered into convex domes to create these fun and stylish “Full Moons.” A gorgeous sprinkle of 3 diamonds sparkles against the unique black surface. They are 3/4 inch in diameter, and we love them for their distinct look. #265577

Growing up in India, Toby discovered his commitment to life in balance. Today Toby Pomeroy™ is a world leader in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible jewelry. The launch of EcoGold and EcoSilver set a new standard, defining ethical luxury in ways never seen previously. Marrying timeless design with social responsibility, Toby Pomeroy jewelry truly makes sustainability beautiful.

*EcoGold & *EcoSilver: Recycled, and purified, previously used scrap gold and silver separately from newly mined metals. A breakthrough in 2006 and now well-established choices in sustainable jewelry. Sending a message to the mining industry, the world cares and is watching how they’re treating the planet and its people.

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