Diamond Jubilee Ring in Platinum


A 1.5+ carat diamond, secret golden sapphire, cathedral setting and diamond set band are the success to this breathtaking Diamond Jubilee Ring in platinum.

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The Jubilee Ring design dates back to 2017, specifically created to celebrate the momentous occasion of our 50th anniversary and golden jubilee, rendering it as both a beautiful piece and a symbol of historical significance.

At the heart of the ring lies a stunning diamond, delicately placed within a platinum 4-prong cathedral setting. The diamond’s radiance is further accentuated by the intricate petal-like detail nestled between the prongs, while the band sparkles delightfully with pave-set diamonds. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures a timeless and elegant design that will endure through the years.

Only two designs in our Signature Collection showcase the coveted “secret golden sapphire,” a rare and precious gemstone that imparts an unmatched touch of luxury to this exceptional ring.

Diamond Jubilee Ring in Platinum Details:

  • 1 –  1.58 carat
  • 6 – Diamond Melee: 0.06 carat weight
  • Size: 6.5
  • Total Weight: 5.36 Grams

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