Diamond Huggie Hoops


14K Yellow Gold Diamond huggie hoops.

Fun and Functional!

Gift Wrap Design

Gold with Cream Ribbon ($0.00)

Gift Wrap Design

Gold with Cream Ribbon ($0.00)

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Diamond Huggie hoops are great everyday earrings, wonderfully functional and adaptable. These hinged style hoop earrings almost “hug” your earlobe and securely fastens with one click. A simple yet fun design featuring a geometric pattern of gold and diamonds. A single row of 7 small gold squares, one larger in the middle with 3 smaller squares on each side, all holding a sparkling round diamond.

To be worn every day without worry. Diamond Huggie hoops are perfect with blue jeans or a ball gown.

We carry a variety of earrings from simple studs with diamonds or colored gemstones to all gold or Sterling Silver, large and small designs. Truly something for everyone.


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