Bright Turquoise and Gold Dangle Earrings Originally $1445


Turquoise, full of tranquil energy. Set in 14K yellow gold with a french wire clasp and diamond and gold bead accents.

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Gold with Cream Ribbon ($0.00)

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Our bright turquoise and gold dangle earrings are set with:

3.39 carat weight/9x7mm Turquoise Cabachon Ovals

0.06 carat weight Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Original Price: $1445

More about turquoise, courtesy of the American Gem Society –

Thanks to its historical and cultural significance in many Native American tribes, turquoise remains most popular throughout the southwestern U.S. This area supplies most of the world’s turquoise today.

Turquoise is one of few gemstones not judged by the 4Cs of diamond quality. Instead, the main factors that determine its value are color, matrix, hardness, and size.

The most prized turquoise gemstone color is a bright, even, sky blue. Greenish tones can lower the value of a stone, although some designers prefer it.

The porosity, texture, and hardness of turquoise vary greatly. Fine-colored turquoise that’s too soft or chalky will lose color—and value. Course, porous material is usually treated to make it stronger, smoother, and shinier.

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