This is a sample of what we have in our showroom and what our jewelers can customize for you. 
Oval Bezel pendant with Sapphire and diamond in yellow 

Oval Blue Sapphire Bezel Pendant with Diamond

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Oval Blue Sapphire bezel set pendant with an accenting diamond at the top. The oval blue Sapphire is lovingly set...
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Peridot and diamond dangle earrings 

Peridot and Diamond Dangle Earrings

Peridot and Diamond dangle earrings. Fresh spring green, in a long and slender pear shape make for a statement. Diamonds...
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Off Set Octagonal Stepcut Garnet ring 

Octagonal Step Cut Garnet ring

Octagonal step cut Garnet, a modern version of a classic style. The Garnet is off set on the band with...
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Emerald and diamond bezel ring 

Oval Emerald and Diamonds – Petite Bezel Ring

Oval emerald, securely set in a bezel that also protects it from the everyday bumps and bangs that happen from...
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Blue Sapphire and diamond bezel ring 

Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond – Petite Bezels Ring

Oval blue sapphire, securely set in a bezel that also protects it from the everyday bumps and bangs that happen...
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Sideways pear peridot ring 

Sideways Pear – Peridot ring

Sideways across the finger. Just a little different with an asymmetrical design. The pear shape Peridot is bezel set, in...
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Sunshine Pendant with Peridot and diamonds 

Sunshine Pendant

Sunshine, one of our favorite things, captured in spirit by this Peridot and gold pendant with diamonds. The round Peridot...
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Petite Pear shape blue sapphire and diamond band 

Petite Pear Shape Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

A Petite Pear shape blue sapphire ring is part of a delightful little collection of gemstone rings we are currently...
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Pear Shape Garnet Bezel Studs 

Pear Shape Garnet Bezel Studs

Pear shape garnet stud earrings. Bezel set gemstones let the color do all the talking. Simply set in the protective...
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Chrome Green Tourmaline earrings with diamonds in white gold 

Chrome Green Tourmaline Earrings

Chrome Green Tourmaline is a vivid green tourmaline. A beautiful rich color caused by trace elements vanadium and chromium. The...
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Ginkgo Leaf Earrings with Diamonds – EcoSilver

Ginkgo Leaf represents longevity, balance, strength, hope and good health. This hand-hammered earring is an interpretation of one of Asia’s...
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Oval Diamond Engagement ring 

Oval Diamond Solitaire

Oval Diamonds have recently seen a surge in popularity. The cut, and it’s light return, has improved over the years....
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