Custom Jewelry Stories

Some of our favorite work has been the creation of deeply personal pieces. Over the years, we’ve asked our customers to tell us about these stories in their own words.

The Piece: 
Custom-made 14K diamond ring with open design resembling branches with a diamond set in 6 prongs which appear to grow out of the branches.
The Story: In 1980, I bought a loose diamond (my first!) from a friend of Judy and Steve Brown.  I wanted a setting that did not look like an engagement ring or a cocktail ring. I chose a setting from a drawing in a book at your store and one of your jewelers at the time made the setting. It’s a beautiful ring and I treasure it. I will pass it down to my daughter.
-Christina in Lewiston

The Piece: Custom Wedding Rings
The Story: Special thanks to Joanne for helping us choose our rings! She has the most professional yet personal way about her! She pays such attention to detail!  We’re so happy to have found Brown Goldsmiths!
-Janine in Gardiner

The Piece: Diamond Engagement Ring Using Family Stones
The Story: My husband’s family is from Freeport, His grandfather was Freeport’s pharmacist. His Mom worked for L.L.Bean forever. His Dad did a little later in life. My husband and his mom had my ring made at Brown Goldsmiths. The middle diamond is his grandfather’s Shriners diamond, one side diamond is his mother’s original engagement diamond, and the other is mine from Brown Goldsmiths. I never even thought I would have a diamond ring. We had NO extra money. Somehow, my Mother-in-law made it happen. He gave it to me in 1986.
 ring was remade with an upgraded diamond and double the platinum in the setting. Thank you for making my beautiful ring and standing behind your product. I know hope that my “family stone” ring can be passed down. It means the world to me.
-Christine in Poland

The Piece: Custom Ring
The Story: Being retired, and having a large jewelry assortment of inherited pieces, pieces I’d bought for myself, etc., I decided that I would prefer to consolidate them and sell them to have just one special piece.  A ring. My husband surprised me by giving this to me as a 25th wedding anniversary present!
I had seen an old European-cut diamond for sale at another jeweler and bought it. A dear friend suggested Brown’s as the place to go to have it custom set.  After doing some research, I decided on a Belcher setting and sent a photo of another antique ring whose setting I admired, and off we went!
The ring was done in 18K yellow gold, and we were delighted to discover that the stone was actually better quality than I had been told.  The Belcher setting allows the stone to really show its full beauty, and also hides the fact that the stone isn’t perfectly round.  It is magnificent and I get many compliments on it!
Can’t say enough as to how helpful, friendly and supportive everyone at Brown’s was as we went through the whole process by mail and email…one of these days I will drop in and show them just how well it looks on my hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
-Nancy in Waldoboro

The Piece: Uniquely designed paw-print ring
The Story: Having been involved with animal rescue for many years, this rose gold specially designed ring will always remind me of the work I have done and the animals I helped save.  Thanks to the talents of everyone at Brown Goldsmiths my dream became a reality.
-Kathy in Lisbon Falls

The Piece: Recreated Gold Link Bracelet
The Story: The gold link bracelet from an estate jewelry store that I’d loved and worn for years fell off, never to be seen again. We went on the quest to replace it, thinking that link bracelets can’t have that many variations. The search went on for years. On my 60th birthday, I opened the Brown Goldsmith box and there was THE BRACELET, along with a lovely note from Shannon!  This was no mean feat. My husband went in, tried to draw the links but was told he would have to find a photograph of the bracelet. No easy task. We have drawers of loose photos in no order whatsoever.  He eventually found a picture of me holding binoculars, and there was THE BRACELET! A genius at Brown Goldsmith meticulously recreated those links and I never take off that bracelet.
-Jane in Boothbay Harbor

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