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With Valentines Day approaching, and it still being one of the most popular holidays to get engaged, we thought we might help those of you doing a little research on this matter. We are often asked about the expense of a one carat diamond ring, and we hope this tidbit helps. Or if you’re just not “there” yet, click here for some stage-appropriate inspirations. 

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In the quiet weeks of winter, with the snow all around us, we all look for ideas to keep us occupied. Reading, painting, knitting, cooking or what about creating a custom piece of jewelry? It is one of our favorite things to do at Brown Goldsmiths. On a cold snowy day, think about digging through your jewelry box for some treasured pieces and let’s create something incredible together to show off when the flowers are in bloom.



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Many pieces we design and create here in Freeport, some we source from the world's most unique and special designers.


Since the late 1960s, Brown Goldsmiths’ craftsmen have been creating signature, custom, and one-of-a-kind jewelry in Freeport, on the Coast of Maine. In our studio, we work with Platinum, Gold, Diamonds, Sapphires, Tourmaline, and more. We are open all year.

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Many of our customers return time and time again. The relationships we’ve built since we started designing in Freeport, Maine in the late 1960s are incredible.

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