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Vault Sale

Vault Sale

We create jewelry every day in our upstairs studio, constantly pushing our creative comfort zones.

The Vault is our collection of unique creations that have yet to find their home. Because each is the last of its kind,  we offer them at wonderful savings – some up to 50% of their original price. 


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vault sale pink sapphire studs 

Pink Sapphire Cluster Stud Earrings

Vault Sale Special: Pink Sapphire Cluster Stud Earrings in 18k Rose Gold were $850 now only $637.50. #140823   See more...
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vault sale ruby moonstone pendant 

Ruby and Moonstone Pendant Necklace

Vault Sale Special: 18k white gold Ruby & Moonstone pendant necklace was $1715 now only $1029. This fun piece hangs...
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pyramid diamond earrings 

Pyramid Diamond Earrings

Vault Sale Special: 14k Rose Gold Diamond Earrings (because rose gold and diamonds are perfect together) were $865 now only...
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Yellow Gold  

Yellow Gold “X” Diamond Ring

Vault Sale Special: A modern and fun diamond ring in 14k yellow gold to wear for any occasion was $1185...
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Tsavorite Garnet and Prehnite Pendant 

Tsavorite Garnet and Prehnite Pendant Necklace

Vault Sale Special: Tsavorite Garnet and Prehnite Pendant Necklace was $3645 now only $2187. A velvety green prehnite gem is...
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Rose quartz and ruby necklace 

Rose Quartz and Ruby Necklace

Vault Sale Special: Rose Quartz and Ruby necklace in 18k Rose Gold was $2450 now only $1470. This necklace measures...
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yellow beryl and diamond pendant 

Yellow Beryl and Diamond Pendant

Vault Sale Special: Yellow Beryl and Diamond Pendant. Cushion cut yellow beryl pendant with bead set diamonds in 18k yellow...
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amethyst and emerald pendant 

Amethyst and Emerald Pendant

Vault Sale Special: Maine Amethyst and Emerald pendant. Trilliant cut Maine Amethyst pendant with Emerald bail in 18k yellow gold. ...
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diamond tourmaline nautilus brooch 

Nautilus Brooch

Vault Sale Special: The Nautilus brooch with tourmaline and diamonds is a one-of-a-kind creation. Handmade by one of our beloved...
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mokume bangle bracelet with diamonds 

Mokume Bangle Bracelet with Diamonds

14k rose gold and sterling silver beautifully intertwine to create this Mokume bangle bracelet with diamonds. #090995 *Mokume is a...
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quartz crystal pendant 

Quartz Crystal Pendant

Quartz Crystal pendant with visible Oil & Tar inclusions in a one-of-a-kind custom made free form style setting in 18k...
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vault sale quartz and diamond ring 

Quartz and Diamond Crescent Ring

Vault Sale Special: 14k Rose Gold and Diamonds compliment this stunning and artfully designed Quartz ring was $2795 now only...
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vault sale pink green tourmaline ring 

Pink and Green Maine Tourmaline Ring

Vault Sale Special – Emerald cut Tourmalines are woven into a gorgeous 18k yellow gold band that was $2235 now...
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Vault Sale Mokume Diamond Ring 

Diamond and Mokume Ring

Vault Sale Special: Mokume Ring with Diamond was $2535 now only $1521. Mokume is a Japanese metalworking procedure which produces...
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Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline 

Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline Necklace

Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline Necklace – An elegant one-of-a-kind. Vault Sale Special: This elegant Emerald cut green tourmaline is surrounded...
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