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Antiquity in the palm of your hand. The Tusk features gorgeous inlays crafted from wooly mammoth tusk, ranging from 6000-10000 years old. This is the 80th of only 250 of these knives crafted.

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Antiquity in the palm of your hand. The Tusk, this one being the 80th of only 250 crafted,  features gorgeous inlays crafted from wooly mammoth tusk, ranging from 6000-10000 years old. The knife is stabilized with epoxy resin, then cross-cut to reveal the growth rings from a bygone era. This extraordinary material is set into a window in a black G10 composite handle, which is tough and comfortable. Fully polished by hand, assembled, and dissembled multiple times, this architecture has an open channel to see thru to the Damascus tang. The blade/tang are forged from 67 layers of three alloys, with a core of VG-10 at HRC 60 for optimal sharpness and wear resistance. Finished with a leather lanyard, sterling silver accents and includes a sturdy brown leather sheath.


The ring section of the fossil tusk of a Woolly Mammoth that walked the Earth at least 10,000 years ago.

Modern humans coexisted with woolly mammoths during the Upper Paleolithic period when they entered Europe from Africa between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago. Before this, Neanderthals had coexisted with mammoths during the Middle Paleolithic and up to that time. Woolly mammoths were very important to Ice Age humans, and their survival might have depended on these animals in some areas.

The woolly mammoth is the next most depicted animal in Ice Age art after horses and bison, and these images were produced between 35 and 11.500 years ago. Today, more than five hundred depictions of woolly mammoths are known, in media ranging from carvings and cave paintings located in 46 caves in Russia, France, and Spain, to sculptures and engravings made from different materials.

William Henry’s fossil Mammoth tusk is harvested in Alaska and Siberia, often from underwater. It is a rare and mesmerizing material, a living testimony of the dawn of Mankind.

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