Teal Montana Sapphire and Diamond Ring


A ring that embodies pure nature. A teal Montana Sapphire, with a nod to the deep blue in the oceans and the lush green in the landscape, adorns the center while diamonds flow down the decorative band, completing this unique look.

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We’ve noticed that many couples are looking for a pop of color in their Engagement Ring, and this Teal Montana Sapphire and Diamond Ring is a special choice. The color is especially pronounced by the diamond and white gold setting. Sapphire is known for its hardness and durability, and with the organic design and green-blue color, it is a safe and stunning choice.

Details about the Teal Sapphire and Diamond Ring:

  • 18K White Gold
  • 2.76 carat Teal Sapphire
  • .15 carat weight Diamonds
  • Total weight – 4.36 grams

Don’t let traditional Engagement Ring ideas limit you. The allure of sapphire has existed for centuries and continues to awe us today. This is an incredible example of the teal sapphires that are mined in Montana! This teal is such a dynamic and mesmerizing color that has to be seen in person to appreciate fully.

Sapphire is also the birthstone of September and a gem for the 5th and 45th Anniversaries. What a fantastic gift this would be to celebrate a milestone birthday or special Anniversary?! Stop into our store, a block from L.L. Bean, to see the spectacular color in person.