Opalized Wood Earrings


These opalized wood earrings are fantastic specimens of an extraordinary act of nature. Bezel set in 14K yellow gold, this is a noteworthy pair.

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More details about these 14K yellow gold bezel set opalized wood earrings:

What is opalized wood?

Opalized wood is a form of petrified wood which has developed an opalescent sheen or, more rarely, where the wood has been completely replaced by opal.

How does it form?

It forms due to a series of rhyolite volcanic flows, resulting in a large basin enclosed by low hills. This basin contained a succession of lakes and forests of spruce, hemlock, birch, chestnut and even sequoia which were periodically buried by volcanic ash hundreds of feet thick. A large lake formed within the basin which deposited large amounts of diatomite, a biogenic form of silica. Seepage of super-heated water percolated through the ash layers, carrying silica to the long-buried trees.

Source: Geologypage.com

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