Emerald and Diamond Hoops


It seems only fitting that these lush green emerald and diamond hoops are home to the gem cut of the same name. We love the combination of cuts and sizes to emphasize the May birthstone.

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14K white gold and round cut brilliant diamonds do an excellent job making the emerald cut emeralds the stars of these emerald and diamond hoops. Emerald has a long and interesting history which makes it one of our favorite gems.

  • Some estimate that the oldest emeralds are 2.97 billion years old. Others believe they were mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC.
  • Cleopatra is perhaps the most famous historical figure to cherish these magnificent green gemstones. The Egyptians used emeralds both in jewelry and in their burials.
  • In Colombia, the Muzo Indians had well-hidden and prized emerald mines. It took the Spanish conquistadors nearly twenty years to find them.
  • Today, emerald is a symbol of security, loyalty, new beginnings, and peace. It is a unmistakably gorgeous gem full of meaning and would be a lovely gift for a May birthday, or to celebrate the 20th or 35th anniversaries.