Diamond Scroll Wedding Band


When partnered with any engagement ring, the ornate detail of this diamond scroll wedding band creates a work of art on the hand. It also looks magnificent simply worn alone.

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Gift Wrap Design

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Gift Wrap Design

Gold with Cream Ribbon ($0.00)

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Wedding bands are more personal and interesting than one might think. There is the design of your Engagement Ring that must be considered, as well as your preference of look and your lifestyle.

  • Do you need a curved band to fit against your ring and center gemstone?
  • Or will a straight band do the trick?
  • Do you want to wear the band alone?
  • Will it get a lot of wear and tear from an active lifestyle?

And while some might prefer a plain metal band, or an eternity band, this Diamond Scroll Wedding Band is a more ornate option for those who love sparkle!

We also love the option to give this ring as a gift to be worn as a right hand ring to remember a special occasion.

Enjoy many more wedding band options in our Freeport store and work find the one that speaks to you perfectly.