Concave Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring


The concave cut Sapphire and Diamond ring has a uniform luster and color given to it by this choice of faceting. White gold and diamonds complete the simple and stylish look.

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Details about the Concave Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring –

  • 18K White Gold
  • 1.39 carat Sapphire
  • Diamond Details


Concave cutting of gems is a more recent innovation.  In concave cutting, the facets are three dimensional rather than flat — they have depth as well as length and width.

Concave facets have different optical properties than two dimensional facets. In general, a concave facet refracts more of the ambient light and returns it to the eye as brilliance.  Concave cutting will thus increase the brilliance of a gem, while at the same time providing a diffusing effect, so that the brilliance is quite even, with no hot spots or dark regions, and diminished color zoning.*

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*Source: AJS Gems.