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White Gold

Denim blue sapphire and diamond band 

Denim Blue Sapphire & Diamond band

Denim blue…A calming color. This unique ring features just that, soft, calm cool blue sapphire we call denim. Oval shaped sapphires, set...
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Tanzanite and diamond ring 

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

Tanzanite – Birthstone option for the month of December and often celebrated as the gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary. Tanzanite or...
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Chrome Green Tourmaline earrings with diamonds in white gold 

Chrome Green Tourmaline Earrings

Chrome Green Tourmaline is a vivid green tourmaline. A beautiful rich color caused by trace elements vanadium and chromium. The finest Chrome...
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aquamarine and diamond necklace 

Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant

Aquamarine and diamonds are brilliant co-stars within this geometric pendant performance. A halo of sparkling diamonds sets off the icy blue hue...
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aquamarine ring 

Aquamarine Ring with Diamonds

Aquamarine…there is something special about this gem. A blue variety of the mineral beryl. Clean and clear like diamond with color of...
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diamond solitaire engagement ring 

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in White Gold

Diamond solitaire rings are absolutely splendid because the focus is simple, the diamond. We have noticed a refreshed interest in this design...
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cathedral setting diamond engagement ring 

Cathedral Setting Diamond Engagement Ring

The cathedral setting on a ring is an elegant and classic choice. Not only does it provide security to your diamond, but...
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Diamond Clover Pendant Necklace 

Diamond Clover Pendant Necklace

Vault Sale Special: Diamond Clover Pendant Necklace in 14k white gold was $905 and is now $705. This necklace is 18 inches...
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violet blue tanzanite pendant 

Violet Blue Tanzanite Pendant with Diamond Halo

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The violet blue color of Tanzanite is unparalleled. Found only in Tanzania, it is a spectacular alternative gem for those who love...
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blue tourmaline ring 

Blue Tourmaline Ring in White Gold

Blue Tourmaline is in fact the rarest of the tourmaline colors. Set in this ring is an Indicolite Blue Tourmaline whose color...
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