Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry - Brown Goldsmiths, Freeport, ME

Why we choose Anna Beck Jewelry

Over five years ago in a quest to find special and unique sterling silver jewelry, we discovered Anna Beck. A customer visited us wearing a striking cuff bracelet. We assumed it to be from another designer. However, at the mention of Anna Beck, our curiosity piqued and we quickly became supporters.

Each piece is created by hand in Bali by local artisans, and we love that certain collections donate a percentage of their proceeds to several different philanthropic projects.

unique sterling silver

The Circle of Life Collection supports safe and healthy births in Bali by donating 30% of all proceeds to help provide emergency care for expectant mothers.

unique sterling silver

The Save the Elephant Collection protects orphaned elephants in Africa by donating 30% of all proceeds to supporting the growth of young elephants who have lost their parents to natural causes, poaching, or malnourishment.

Purchasing jewelry as a gift, or even for oneself, is sometimes daunting. Knowing that your choices could directly impact these wonderful causes might help with your decisions.

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