The Signature Collection

Brown Goldsmiths specialize and focus on in-house custom design & bespoke jewelry made in our on-site workshop. During our 55-year history, we have created an extensive catalog of jewelry designs, many of which comprise the Signature Collection.  Our Signature Collection is a group of jewelry designs made in our studio at 11 Mechanic Street in Freeport. They are ours alone, found nowhere else…until you purchase or create your very own. Explore the designs of the Signature Collection as they were originally imagined. Click on your favorites to learn more about the history and to explore modifications and new iterations created from these original designs. We hope it inspires you to choose us for your next heirloom jewelry purchase.





Signature Rings

lyric ring Sapphire and diamond in Platinum

The Lyric Ring

Diamond Horizon Ring

The Horizon Ring

The New Horizon Engagement Ring

 New Horizon Ring

yellow gold viisi engagement ring 010549

The Viisi

The Mudra Ring

Mobius Twist

The Mobius Twist

The Papyrus Ring

The Monhegan Ring

compass rose ring

The Compass Rose

Sapphire and diamond Galaxy ring

The Galaxy Ring – Square

fancy color sapphire round galaxy ring

The Galaxy Ring – Round

The Freeform Ring

The Krida Ring

Signature Earrings

curvy teardrop earrings

The Curvy Teardrops

Curvy Hoop Earring

The Curvy Hoops

Handmade Orchid Earrings

The Orchid Earrings

Flat Hammered Hoops

The Flat Hammered Hoops

Genie locking earrings

The Genie locking earrings

Figure Eight Easy Close Earrings

Figure Eight Easy Close Earrings

Forged Clef Earrings

The Forged Clef Earrings

200594 - PE-TURBULENC - Turbulence Earrings

Turbulence Earrings

Small mobius dangles

Mobius Twist Dangles

Mobius Twist Earrings - Brown Goldsmiths

Mobius Twist

Compass Rose Dangles Earrings with Diamond

Compass Rose Dangles

compass rose

 Compass Rose Studs

Dancing Star earrings

The Dancing Stars

Judy’s Diamond Earrings

Jubilee diamond stud Earring

The Jubilee Earrings

petal post earrings

Petals Earrings

Brown Goldsmiths Moonsnail earrings


divine crescents from the Artemis Collection

Artemis Divine Crescents

olympian bow earrings - artemis collection

Artemis Olympian Bow

Multi Link Earrings with Diamonds 201261

Multi Link Dangle Earrings

Signature Bracelets

Handmade Turkish Rope bracelet

The Turkish Rope

The Crown Knot Bracelet

The Crown Knot

The Lattice bracelet handmade in Freeport, Maine

The Lattice bracelet

Multi Link gold bracelet small links

Small Multi Link

Large Multi Link gold Bracelet

Large Multi Link

The Ebb Tide Diamond Bracelet

The Ebb Tide Diamond Bracelet

Maine Green Tourmaline Arabesque Bracelet

The Arabesque Bracelet

Sapphire and Diamond Compass Rose Spin Bracelet

Compass Rose Spin Bracelet – Five Gem

Compass Rose Spin Bracelet

Compass Rose Spin Bracelet

galaxy bangle with multi color sapphires

The Galaxy Bracelet – Multi Color Sapphire

Handmade Mobius Twist Bangle Bracelet

Mobius Twist Bangle

Ripple bangles shown in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold

Ripple Bangle Bracelets

Domed Hammered Bangles

Domed Hammered Bangles

Nand forged Multi sided bangles

Multi Sided Bangles

Two tone curvy bangle bracelet

Two-Tone Curvy Bangle

Signature Necklaces, Pins & Pendants

Large Oval Multi Link Necklace

Large Multi Link Necklace

Small Multi link Necklace

Small Multi link Necklace

Dancing Star

The Dancing Star – Large Pendant

Dancing star

The Dancing Star – Small Pendant

Large Dancing Star Pin

The Dancing Star – Large Pin

Compass Rose

Compass Rose – Large Five Diamond Pendant

Maine Tourmaline Compass Rose

Compass Rose – Large One Gem Pendant

Compass Rose pendant with sapphire center and 4 diamonds in white gold

Compass Rose – Large Sapphire & Diamond Pendant

Compass Rose – Single Diamond Small Pendant

soaring pendant

The Soaring Pendant

Mobius Twist – Plain Pendant

Mobius Twist – Pearl or Gemstone Pendant

A galaxy of Diamonds and natural blue Sapphires sparkle in this 14K gold Brown Goldsmiths original cushion shaped pendant.

The Galaxy Pendant

Sweet Embrace Pendant

The Sweet Embrace

Loves Embrace

Luna Sketch and ring in box.

Make an appointment with a Design Specialist

Creating a custom piece of jewelry is a special and memorable experience. For over 50 years Brown Goldsmiths has helped create lasting symbols of love through the art of jewelry making to celebrate Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mothers and Fathers Day, Retirements and more. Let a Brown Goldsmith design specialist guide you on your journey of finding the perfect design for you or a loved one.