Diamond Flower Petal Necklace


If you’re looking for a special twist on a diamond pendant necklace, this is your answer. An intricate combination of diamond baguettes and diamond rounds form a delicate and stylish flower.

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Gift Wrap Design

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This Flower Petal Necklace features the April Birthstone.

Details about the Diamond Flower Petal Necklace:

  • 14k White Gold
  • 18″ adjustable chain
  • 5 Diamond Flower Petals – Baguette .26, Rounds .09, 3.00 grams
  • #101287

Birthstones and Anniversaries: On almost all modern birthstone lists, diamond is recognized today as the birthstone for April. Diamond is also the gem that marks the 10th and 60th wedding anniversaries.

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The perfect gift for the tenth or sixtieth anniversary.