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Engagement Ring

Oval Diamond Engagement ring 

Oval Diamond Solitaire

Oval Diamonds have recently seen a surge in popularity. The cut, and it’s light return, has improved over the years. The now...
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Our Signature Platinum Embrace Ring 

Petite Embrace Ring in Platinum

Our Signature Embrace design is created upstairs in our store. Strands of precious metal intertwine, symbolic of your love and life together....
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diamond solitaire engagement ring 

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in White Gold

Diamond solitaire rings are absolutely splendid because the focus is simple, the diamond. We have noticed a refreshed interest in this design...
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cathedral setting diamond engagement ring 

Cathedral Setting Diamond Engagement Ring

The cathedral setting on a ring is an elegant and classic choice. Not only does it provide security to your diamond, but...
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Diamond Halo Jubilee Ring 

Diamond Halo Jubilee Engagement Ring

This Diamond Halo Jubilee Engagement Ring is set with a 1.07 carat round cushion cut diamond, nestled into a cathedral setting. The...
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Platinum solitaire diamond engagement ring 

Platinum Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Platinum Solitaire – Beautifully simple, classic and elegant.   The 2.40 carat diamond steels the show in this platinum diamond engagement ring....
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the jubilee - diamond engagement ring 

The Jubilee Diamond Engagement Ring

The Jubilee – Designed in celebration of our 50th anniversary & golden jubilee. One of only two Brown Goldsmiths designs to have...
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airline diamond engagement ring 

Airline Diamond Engagement Ring

The Airline Diamond Engagement Ring, a classic that’s timeless and elegant. This 18k diamond engagement ring embodies these words and perhaps your...
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gold simplicity ring 

The Simplicity Engagement Ring

The Simplicity Engagement Ring lets the diamond do all of the talking. With the gracefully flared band, smooth rounded edges and tapered...
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Contemporary Solitaire Diamond Ring 

Contemporary Solitaire Diamond Ring

A contemporary solitaire diamond ring made with a combination of 14k rose and white gold. A bezel set center diamond weighs over...
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