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Flat Hammered Hoops 

Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings

Hammered gold has a unique texture that cannot be accomplished with machines. It has a more rustic and casual look than its...
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genie locking earrings 

Our Genie Earrings Handmade in Gold

Like a genie coming out of a lamp after many years, 14k yellow gold spins in excitement from your ears. These earrings...
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Handmade Figure 8 Mobius 

Handmade Figure “8” Mobius Earrings

Handmade with immense care in 14k yellow gold are these Mobius earrings. Shaped into a figure eight and measuring 1.5″ in length,...
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Handmade Orchid Earrings 

Orchid Earrings Handmade in Gold

Orchids are delicate, exotic and splendid. One of our treasured jewelers handmade these earrings to reflect just those characteristics. 14k yellow gold...
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classic diamond studs 

Classic Diamond Studs with Bezel Setting

They are a staple for every wardrobe – classic diamond studs. And believe it or not, they can all be so different....
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Double Diamond Hoops 

Double Diamond Hoops in Yellow Gold

Bezel set diamonds and 14k yellow gold beads alternate for two perfect double diamond hoops. They are approximately 3/4″ in diameter and...
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DFiamond snowflake earrings 

Diamond Snowflake Earrings

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These diamond snowflake earrings are designed with beautiful diamond baguettes. This pair is perfect for the approaching winter and holiday season. The...
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Vintage Diamond Hoops 

Vintage Style Diamond Hoop Earrings

These vintage style diamond hoop earrings are patterned with gorgeous bead set diamonds in a marquise shape. Milgrain edges weave throughout, giving...
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silver bar earrings 

Silver Bar Earrings with Gold Accents

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These silver bar earrings go to an elevated level with the delicate addition of 14k yellow gold rings. They are sleek and...
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square link earrings 

Interlocking Square Link Earrings

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We love this different spin on link earrings. Typically found as circles or ovals, these links are glossy 14k gold squares. They...
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