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platinum diamond stud earrings 

Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings

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Platinum compliments diamonds beautifully. We adore the combination. The gray white color appears to make the sparkle of the diamonds more impactful....
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jubilee diamond stud earrings 

Jubilee Diamond Stud Earrings

With the popularity of our Jubilee Diamond Engagement Rings, we were inspired to create other pieces in the same design. We are...
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white gold, sapphire and diamond huggie hoops 

White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Huggie Earrings

White gold is a fantastic setting for sapphires and diamonds. It makes the gems pop! And huggie hoops are wonderfully functional and...
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ruby hug earrings 

Ruby Huggie Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold

Extra “hugs” for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day! These delightful ruby huggie earrings are aptly named due to their close fit, or...
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Amethyst Earrings 

Amethyst Earrings in Yellow Gold

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Amethyst earrings that you can reach for when dressing up for a special date or going to a movie on the weekend....
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divine crescents earrings - artemis 

Divine Crescents from the Artemis Collection

Divine crescent earrings are inspired by the radiance of the moon. These 14k yellow gold earrings represent the Goddess’ most sacred symbol....
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olympian bow earrings - artemis 

Olympian Bow Gold Stud Earrings

Olympian Bows  – A 14k yellow gold design for the leading lady in your life. These beauties were designed with the Goddess’...
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threader earrings - oval 

Threader Earrings in EcoGold with Diamonds

Threader earrings are outstanding. They decorate your ear from every angle and can take your style to a whole new level. Interesting,...
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Comet with Blue Topaz 

Comet Earrings with Blue Topaz

These  Long Comet Earrings are represented with clean dramatic lines of EcoSilver ending with a flash of color. Here, the color is...
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Metolius Crest Earrings 

Metolius Crest Earrings

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The Metolius Crest Earring design is the inspiration of the Metolius River in Oregon. Opals are seductive and emotional stones. The intense...
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