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divine crescents earrings - artemis 

Divine Crescents from the Artemis Collection

Divine crescent earrings are inspired by the radiance of the moon. These 14k yellow gold earrings represent the Goddess’ most sacred symbol....
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olympian bow earrings - artemis 

Olympian Bow Gold Stud Earrings

Olympian Bows  – A 14k yellow gold design for the leading lady in your life. These beauties were designed with the Goddess’...
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Huntress arrows threader earrings - artemis 

Huntress Arrows Threader Earrings

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Huntress Arrows – you can’t miss with these stunners! Inspired by Artemis’ Arrows, they aim to emulate her most treasured and trusted...
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threader earrings - oval 

Threader Earrings in EcoGold with Diamonds

Threader earrings are outstanding. They decorate your ear from every angle and can take your style to a whole new level. Interesting,...
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Comet with Blue Topaz 

Comet Earrings with Blue Topaz

These  Long Comet Earrings are represented with clean dramatic lines of EcoSilver ending with a flash of color. Here, the color is...
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Ginkgo Leaf Earrings 

Gingko Leaf Earrings with Diamonds

The gingko leaf, with its unique and beautiful fan shape, is understandably the subject for a great deal of art. In this...
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Full Moon Earrings 

Full Moon Earrings

Full Moon Earrings by Toby Pomeroy Matte black EcoSilver is hand-hammered into convex domes to create these fun and stylish “Full Moons.”...
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eclipse hoops with diamond 

Eclipse Hammered Gold Hoops with Diamond

Eclipse hammered gold hoop earrings are easy to wear, always flattering and suitable for all occasions. They are crafted in reclaimed 14k...
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Pearl Mobius Studs 

Pearl Mobius Twist Earrings in White Gold

These pearl studs in 14k white gold are part of our Mobius Collection. The pearls rest in a mobius twist and measure...
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Flat Hammered Hoops 

Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings

Hammered gold has a unique texture that cannot be accomplished with machines. It has a more rustic and casual look than its...
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