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casco castle charm 

Our Casco Castle Charm in Gold

This representation of the Casco Castle is near and dear to our heart. Still standing in South Freeport, this castle was originally...
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Nubble Lighthouse Charm

Maine’s southernmost lighthouse, Cape Neddick Light, is more commonly called Nubble Light because it sits on rocky Nubble Island off Cape Neddick...
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Owl’s Head Lighthouse Charm

Owl’s Head Light depicts the details of characteristic wooden steps leading up to the tower set into the grassy hillside. Cushion shaped...
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Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Charm

Commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1827, the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is located at the entrance to Muscongus Bay and Johns Bay,...
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Portland Headlight Lighthouse Charm

Maine’s oldest and most renowned light, Portland Head has inspired artists, writers and visitors from around the world. Charm measures approximately 20mm...
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Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse Charm

This charm depicts the lighthouse at the end of a nearly mile long breakwater extending from Jameson Point on the north shore...
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Seguin Island Lighthouse Charm

This charm captures the essence of Maine’s first island lighthouse, sitting high above a rocky ledge overlooking the mouth of the Kennebeck...
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Spring Point Lighthouse Charm

Originally built to mark a dangerous ledge, Spring Point Light now welcomes visitors at the entrance to Portland Harbor. Charm measures approximately...
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Two Lights Lighthouse Charm

Two Lights – originally home to two stone towers, today Cape Elizabeth Light, as it is now known, shines the most powerful...
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Isle Au Haut Lighthouse Charm

This charm portrays the island lighthouse built slightly offshore from Robinson Point on Isle au Haut. The catwalk extends towards land with...
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