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Orbit Pin - Druzy and Diamond 

Orbit Pin with Druzy and Diamonds

A dazzling design of white gold and diamonds orbit this handmade pink druzy pin. A druzy is sets of tiny crystals of...
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agate pendant 

Agate Pendant with Yellow Sapphires

Agate is thought to have many emotional and physical healing properties, as well as balancing and spiritual energies. This Dendritic Agate design...
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Streamer Bangle bracelet 

Streamer Bangle Bracelet in Gold

A streamer of 14k yellow gold undulates playfully around your wrist. This is an elegant, yet fun, bracelet that would compliment other...
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Maine Green Tourmaline Arabesque Bracelet 

Maine Light Green Tourmaline Arabesque Bracelet

Maine is known for its gorgeous state mineral, the tourmaline. We love to combine it into our jewelry designs frequently. This bracelet...
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Flat Hammered Hoops 

Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings

Hammered gold has a unique texture that cannot be accomplished with machines. It has a more rustic and casual look than its...
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genie locking earrings 

Our Genie Earrings Handmade in Gold

Like a genie coming out of a lamp after many years, 14k yellow gold spins in excitement from your ears. These earrings...
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Handmade Orchid Earrings 

Orchid Earrings Handmade in Gold

Orchids are delicate, exotic and splendid. One of our treasured jewelers handmade these earrings to reflect just those characteristics. 14k yellow gold...
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zircon concerto 

Zircon Concerto Ring

Zircon Concerto Ring A Brown Goldsmiths original design. Now Available: 18k yellow gold Concerto, set with a 5.88ct Rectangular Cushion cut (9.65...
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Malachite and Azurite Earrings

Nature at its most glorious is reflected in the gorgeous mix of deep green Malachite and cerulean blue Azurite of these earrings....
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the jubilee - diamond engagement ring 

The Jubilee Diamond Engagement Ring

The Jubilee – Designed in celebration of our 50th anniversary & golden jubilee. One of only two Brown Goldsmiths designs to have...
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