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Brown Goldsmiths Design

Watermelon Tourmaline 

Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Earrings

These thoughtful hand crafted Watermelon Tourmaline Slice earrings took hours to create in our Freeport, Maine studio. Each unmistakable pink and green...
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Our Signature Platinum Embrace Ring 

Petite Embrace Ring in Platinum

Our Signature Embrace design is created upstairs in our store. Strands of precious metal intertwine, symbolic of your love and life together....
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agate earrings 

Montana Agate Earrings with Yellow Gold

Montana Agate is believed to have formed millions of years ago due to volcanic activity in the Yellowstone Park area. These specimens...
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Opal ring 

Opal Ring in White and Yellow Gold

An opal ring mystifies and enchants. The play of light and color within the gem is nothing short of magical. Light waves...
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Diamond Luna Pendant 

Diamond Luna Pendant Necklace

Encouraged by the love of our Diamond Luna Ring, we created a Diamond Luna Pendant. Luna is Italian, Spanish and Romanian for...
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jubilee diamond stud earrings 

Jubilee Diamond Stud Earrings

With the popularity of our Jubilee Diamond Engagement Rings, we were inspired to create other pieces in the same design. We are...
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heart ring 

Our Heart Ring in Yellow Gold

We love the undulating flow of the 14k yellow gold that lends itself, ever so subtly, to a chain of hearts in...
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Diamond Halo Jubilee Ring 

Diamond Halo Jubilee Engagement Ring

This Diamond Halo Jubilee Engagement Ring is set with a 1.07 carat round cushion cut diamond, nestled into a cathedral setting. The...
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casco castle charm 

Our Casco Castle Charm in Gold

This representation of the Casco Castle is near and dear to our heart. Still standing in South Freeport, this castle was originally...
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Lattice Bracelet 

Our Lattice Bracelet in Yellow Gold

Our lattice bracelet is a sophisticated gold bracelet that lays beautifully on the wrist. Gold is intricately linked together in a striking...
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