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multiple sided hand forged bangles 

Multi Sided Hand Forged Bangle Bracelets

We lovingly create these multi sided bangle bracelets above our showroom in Freeport, Maine. Each side is forged with thought and lends...
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pink and green tourmaline spin bracelet 

Pink and Green Tourmaline Spin Bracelet

Pink and green Maine Tourmalines spin into a captivating floral-like design. One of our cherished spin bracelets. 14k yellow gold is hand...
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Streamer Bangle bracelet 

Streamer Bangle Bracelet in Gold

A streamer of 14k yellow gold undulates playfully around your wrist. This is an elegant, yet fun, bracelet that would compliment other...
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Maine Green Tourmaline Arabesque Bracelet 

Maine Light Green Tourmaline Arabesque Bracelet

Maine is known for its gorgeous state mineral, the tourmaline. We love to combine it into our jewelry designs frequently. This bracelet...
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gold twist bracelet with diamonds 

Gold Twist Bracelet with Diamonds

A hand forged 14k gold twist cradles three dazzling diamonds. This bracelet glistens with a high polish finish and is true to...
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Two tone cresting wave bracelet 

Two Tone Cresting Wave Bracelet

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The hand forged two tone Cresting Wave Bracelet draws its inspiration from the constant movement of the ocean. A wave of silver...
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ruffle cuff bracelet 

Ruffle Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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Hand crafted from start to finish, sterling silver ripples steadily to form this ruffle cuff bracelet. This design suits a 7-7.5″ wrist....
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Gold link bracelet 

Hand Forged Gold Link Bracelet

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Gold link designs are wonderful because they come in so many variations, making them a popular choice for many. This 14k yellow...
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Mobius Bangle Bracelet 

Mobius Bangle Bracelet in Silver

This sterling silver bangle bracelet is a unique Mobius: an endless surface with only one side and one edge. This symbol of...
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Link Bracelet 

Gold Link Bracelet

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This 14k yellow gold link design makes a bold statement while being lightweight to wear. Measuring 8 inches in length, it’s a...
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