Sunshine Pendant - Peridot - Brown Goldsmiths Freeport, Me. 04032

Sunshine Pendant

Cheerful and Bright
Sunshine Pendant with Peridot and diamonds

Sunshine Pendant

About This Piece

Sunshine, one of our favorite things, captured in spirit by this Peridot and gold pendant with diamonds. The round Peridot is surrounded by a scalloped bezel that resembles a sunburst in 14K yellow gold with a trail of diamonds at the top. Bright and cheerful. #19780-PPE

  • Peridot – Birthstone for the month of August
  • 7.0 mm Round Checkerboard cut
  • Approximately 1.36 ct.
  • Scalloped Bezel setting
  • Accented with 3 diamonds
  • 14kt Yellow Gold
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