Metolius Glint Band

Ecosilver & Ecogold
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Metolius Glint Band

Price $895
Designer Toby Pomeroy
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About This Piece

This Metolius Glint Band is simple and exquisite with an organic design. You may not have heard about “Ecogold & Ecosilver” but our friends at Toby Pomeroy started down this path in 2006. This Metolius Glint Band is 10mm wide and made primarily of polished Ecosilver, and finished off with fine glint of 18K yellow Ecogold. #265583

Toby Pomeroy’s home is in Oregon, but here is how they describe the Metolius Glint Band.

“This band is named for the central Oregon river that surges year round from its volcanic source in the high desert. Constant in its frigid flow, this pristine wild river is a natural wonder and a world-class refuge for trout, and sea-run steelhead trout are beginning to return to their natal spawning grounds. Like the river, a Metolius band’s fluid texture brings perpetual enjoyment.”

Sounds so familiar to many of us here in Maine that love the outdoors. Like the Allagash, Penobscot, or the Kennebec River this description they provide is the story for so many of us locally. From the West Coast to right here in Freeport, Maine we share so much in common.

We are proud to offer this collection, and dedicate a large portion of our showroom to the Ecogold and Ecosilver creations from Toby Pomeroy.


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