Handmade Figure "8" Mobius Earrings - Brown Goldsmiths

Handmade Figure “8” Mobius Earrings

Handmade Figure 8 Mobius

Handmade Figure “8” Mobius Earrings

Options Our Mobius Collection features bangles, pendants and stud earrings.
Price $775
Designer Brown Goldsmiths

About This Piece

Handmade with immense care in 14k yellow gold are these Mobius earrings. Shaped into a figure eight and measuring 1.5″ in length, they absolutely dazzle.

Our Mobius Collection is a passion project that carries great significance and meaning to us, and to many. It is one of our more popular designs to symbolize the infinite and eternal. We’d love for you to learn more and consider it as an option to represent your love. #201147

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