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Convertible Diamond Ring

Center bands sold separately.
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Convertible Diamond Ring

About This Piece

Convertible – able to be changed in form, function or character. Seemingly classic, this unique design can change with your mood or occasion. The open band frame allows for a removable center band significantly changing the look. 18k yellow gold and platinum set with a 1.05ct round brilliant cut diamond. #030482

You can have lots of fun with your convertible ring by choosing different center bands. Change your look from casual to elegant or maybe even a little funky. Imagine a simple white gold band, maybe an all blue sapphire or Ruby band. There are so many possibilities we can help you explore.

Start with the yellow gold and 1ct diamond ring, it can stand alone, or add a band. We added a white gold diamond band to create a two-tone look with some extra bling.

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