Agate Pendant with Yellow Sapphires

We love One-of-a-kind Jewelry. This pendant was one of our 2019 one-of -a-kinds made in our upstairs studio. One example of the many we create each year.
agate pendant

Agate Pendant with Yellow Sapphires

Options If you dream of a specific design we can help you make it come to life.
Designer Brown Goldsmiths

About This Piece

Agate is thought to have many emotional and physical healing properties, as well as balancing and spiritual energies. This Dendritic Agate design is a custom hand crafted tribute to the beauty of nature.

Dendritic Agate is sometimes called” Tree Agate” because it is usually colorless, white, or gray. It has tree- or fern-like inclusions of iron or manganese, called dendrites.

Organic swirls of 14K gold and sunny yellow sapphires compliment our specimen beautifully. This is a stunning statement piece at just over 2.5 inches long and a bit over a 1/2 inch wide.#393488


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