Choosing Diamond Color

Using our tool, you’ll be able to compare and decide on the color of your diamond. This tool requires a desktop computer and, unfortunately, can’t be viewed on mobile devices.

Do I need an Appraisal?

Jewelry is not automatically covered on most homeowner’s insurance policies and often must be listed as separate items based on an appraisal performed by a qualified professional. At Brown Goldsmiths,...
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Turning Wax Into Gold: Mold-Making

Here’s a glimpse of some of our behind-the-scenes handiwork. Master model maker, sculptor, and designer are a few of the roles we play in the workshop every day. In addition...
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Create A Custom Piece

Collaboration. Custom surprises. Creative Clients. These are a few of the blessings we’re counting this time of year. This piece was a custom surprise, created for Miss B from Mr....
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Maine Tourmaline

Emeralds? Guess again. Emerald Green may be Pantone Color of the Year, but take a look at this green: it’s Maine Tourmaline! Our designer Vladimir just put the finishing touches...
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